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A unique multiplayer gamebuilt on a free Web API

The best sandbox platform to learn a new skill or apply your knowledge in a fun and meaningful way. Use any programming language with our RESTful API to control the most powerful fleet in universe.

How It Works

How do I play a game through a Web API?

Our platform allows you to use any programming language to play or automate the game. Every action you can take in the game is an HTTP endpoint you can hit with code. Learn a new language, demo your skills, or just build something interesting to share with the community.

Community Support

We are a young platform with an active community of learners and builders working on very cool open source apps. Join our Discord to share your app or find help.

Free to play

The platform is completely free to play. Our server costs are covered by our Patreon supporters. Consider donating if you want to see us continue working on the API.

Automation With Code

Our game presents a unique opportunity to automate your gameplay using any programming language you know or want to learn. Every action you can take in the game is an endpoint you can hit with code.

Dynamic Universe

SpaceTraders is both a learning platform as well as a dynamic game world with real balance and community-driven goals. Join a universe driven by player activity and cooperation.

The best API to support your learning

The game is available as free RESTful endpoints. Start building from scratch using your programming language of choice, or use a community built SDK to get a jump start.

“I've been studying with Python as my first real language for only a few weeks now and SpaceTraders has been immensely helpful as a learning tool and first project.”


“I learned more in 48 hours than in one month of online classes. Also the community you brought together as been nothing but amazing.”


“I've seen UIs for this game get made faster than entire corporate teams could do it. It's honestly impressive, and a lot humbling.”

https POST \
token=$token \
shipId=$shipId \
good=METALS \
"credits": 178725,
"order": {
"good": "METALS",
"pricePerUnit": 3,
"quantity": 30,
"total": 90
"ship": {
"cargo": [
"good": "METALS",
"quantity": 30,
"totalVolume": 30

Community Showcase

Take inspiration from an existing client or use them to play the game right now in your browser.


SpaceTraders is a community-funded project with contributors of all levels. If you love the idea and want to help, please reach out on Discord or file an issue.

  • Joel Brubaker

    Co-Founder / Developer

  • Arthur Longbotom

    Co-Founder / Developer

  • Kelley Carr

    Developer / Data Guru

  • Jacob Adlers

    Developer / Community Manager

  • Michael Brubaker


Send us your feedback

Send us a few kind words to make our day or let us know if something doesn't work. Messages go straight to our slack channel.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out on Discord for help.

What is your roadmap for the future of the game?
We are in the very early stages of building the foundation for the game. Our focus is to nail down the fundamentals of how the API works and then significantly expand game mechanics. Long term we plan to add dynamically generated star sytems, piracy, manufacturing, PVP / PVE, ship modules, and more.
Are there API docs for the game?
We have API docs available at but they are a work in progress. We are working on an Open API set of docs generated from Stoplight Studio.
Where can I submit bugs?
You can submit them directly using our issue tracker or ask for help in our Discord channels. All our members are extremely helpful and come from various development levels and backgrounds.
How can I support this project?
Consider supporting us on Patreon, it would let us scale server costs as the userbase grows.
Is this project open source? Can I contribute to the codebase?
We get this one a lot! The codebase is currently private while we work towards our main featureset. Part of the reason for this is that we don't want to give away all of the game mechanics and facets of discovery and exploration we have planned. That being said, we plan to open source as much as possible when it makes sense.

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